The Real Ulysses

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At age 9, Ulysses’ father passed away leaving him, his older brother, and his mother behind. Up until this defining moment in his life, Ulysses knew no pain like the pain he was about to endure. Embraced and transmuted into a shield of hate and anger toward the world for what it had given him, Ulysses was sent on a downward spiral with an adolescence full of bad decisions and hard lessons.



As Ulysses grew and matured, more began to make sense- he quickly realized that his anger and hate was only an alter mindset created by his conscious to protect his inner child whom died the same night his father did. This took a great level of wisdom and intelligence, which in achieving and attaining pushed his mind to levels the common man cannot understand.

Las Vegas native, Ulysses (#TheRealUlysses) – has a much deeper meaning to everything he puts out. The young visionary tells a story of belief, courage, consciousness, and determination by uplifting the masses through the most powerful way possible.

Through the awakening of his mind and removal of self, he was able to connect to his true higher purpose which lead him to pick up the microphone and talk to the world.

His message is one that is great, powerful, and will move nations across the globe as the time to come together as people approaches us. Ulysses is one of many warriors of light joining the order to remind humanity that they are strong and they will survive.